Zonealarm extreme security not auto updating

There is NOTHING they can say to make that acceptable.

The typical release pattern for a security suite vendor involves a standalone antivirus program plus a full suite that builds on that antivirus.

My malicious URL blocking test attempts to visit URLs that point directly to malicious executable files, with the expectation that antivirus will either prevent all access to the URL or wipe out the malware during or right after download.

Of the 100 URLs I tested, Zone Alarm blocked 74 percent, most by preventing the browser from accessing the URL.

When I opened a folder full of malware samples, Zone Alarm wiped out 81 percent on sight.

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It also eliminated a few more when I tried to launch them.

Bitdefender's 2017 mega-suite is priced the same, though the previous edition included just three licenses.

Kaspersky Total Security costs the same for three licenses.

And, going in the other direction, an .99 subscription for Mc Afee's mega-suite lets you install protection on every device in your household.

Check Point guarantees that as long as your subscription is current and you have the Threat Emulation component enabled, your system won't get infested by malware. Mc Afee Total Protection's similar guarantee requires that you enable automatic renewal and give tech support a chance to remotely fix the problem.


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