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The question of whether the Abilene Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce should combine in some form or another is making the rounds again.

Another looking ahead to the fleet racing is Ceeref owner Igor Lah.

He was aboard his boat for the match racing as tactician, but he will now get the chance to put his bow where it doesn't belong. The conditions here are great," said Lah of Slovenia.

“I think there was a tepid interest in visiting the issue and talking about it,” Holland said.

When asked for their opinion, CVB members felt the organizations should remain separate.

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The Debt Consolidation Calculator can help you see if consolidating your debts would help."Bake was watching our racing on line during an important meeting and had to keep asking the others in the room to repeat themselves," Appleton said.Fleet racing does not allow for the professional helmsmen who drove during the match racing. In most cases, that means the boat owner is back on the handle bars."We are looking forward to having Chris [Bake] come in.I know he's very excited to get here," said Team Aqua professional helmsman Cameron Appleton.Enter the amount (in pounds) still outstanding for that debt, and the annual interest rate (APR) you are paying on that debt.When you've added the last debt, enter a repayment period into the box - this is the time that you would like to take to get debt free.Board member Jeff Sheets, Dickinson County Historical Society director, said he’s expressed the same concern the “last four, five or six times the topic has come up.” The Chamber is a member-based board, while CVB is the promotional arm of the city, designed to draw people into Abilene to visit motels, restaurants and attractions, he said.If the groups were combined, he wonders if non-chamber members would be left out of CVB promotions.At this time, the Chamber has no specific proposal, but is seeking input from stakeholders, he said.City Manager David Dillner, Vice Mayor Tim Shafer (in the absence of Mayor Dee Marshall), Chamber Vice Chairman Todd Moore and Holland already met to discuss the issue.


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