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She also sang lead vocals on Japanese artist Ryuichi Sakamoto's single "You Do Me" from his 1990 album Beauty, and contributed a version of Blondie's "Call Me" to a Giorgio Moroder tribute album.

In addition, Jones wrote and co-produced the song "The Great Pretender" for Lisa Lisa.

She began a singing career at age 15 as a backup vocalist for Teena Marie, whom her mother managed.

Today, she maintains her own fan pages on Myspace and Facebook.

In this song, she does a skit in a department store where Vanity goes to get batteries for her vibrator. Jill provided vocals on a cover version of Carly Simon's "Why" on Ronny Jordan's album A Brighter Day in 2000 as well as contributing a cover version of Blondie's "Call Me" to a Giorgio Moroder tribute album.

This was subsequently issued as a single with various remixes, including ones by Todd Terry and Mantronix.From 2001 to the present, Jones has been performing acoustic rock as well as producing edgy and modern dance tracks.She is also featured in the unreleased Vanity 6 song "Vibrator"., but since leaving the show, the actress has been exercising her acting skills and appearing in other projects that have wowed her fanbase.Jill has dominated a myriad of different roles, such as a serial killer, a transsexual, a lesbian and a non-fit mother.Although Wasted and Two are out of print, both albums can be found on the i Tunes Store, along with "Living for the Weekend".2014 saw the release of the single "This Is How It Feels" with Italian techno act Get Far.Prince was credited as a co-writer with Jones, but wrote all of the songs himself.Upon its release, the album received positive reviews from critics, but was not a commercial success.With the help of former Paisley Park photographer and close friend David Honl, Jones released a second album entitled Two in 2001, with instrumentalist Chris Bruce.Jones performed lead vocals on 2004's album, The Grand Royals featuring Jill Jones – Wasted.


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