Which former bachelor is dating this hot swimsuit model

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Jimmy Kimmel predicted on his talk show, to a poker-faced Luyendyk, that Martinez would be one of the last women standing.confessional interviews, Luyendyk has swooned over Martinez's beauty, positive energy, sex appeal and how she keeps him on his toes. He’s like a silver fox, and it’s been super-great to get to know him better.”But what about that age gap? Three people she would have lunch with: "Vince Vaughn, Betty White, and Ryan Reynolds.

But in 1980 the rules of succession were changed and the principle of primogeniture was introduced, meaning that his elder sister, Crown Princess Victoria, 32, is now the rightful heir.

"He comes across as the blacksheep of the family," a royal watcher told The Daily Telegraph.

The pair are said to have become close last summer after meeting in the exclusive seaside resort town of Bastad and they have since been said to have been on secret trips together in Sweden and New York.

"We have no comment to make at all," the head of the royal press department, Nina Eldh, said.

"She's going to be spending as much time as possible out in LA where I am currently living." For more of Vanessa's best bikini moments, click through the gallery below!

, it's natural that single women will fight over you.

News of the love affair between the prince and Miss Hellqvist has captivated Swedish society.

While he is believed to have met his new girlfriend's family, it is understood that she has not been introduced any of his relatives.

But the two youngest women were having a blast in the ring: Bekah Martinez, 22, and Maquel Cooper, 23.

Martinez, a nanny from Los Angeles, has had plenty of makeout screen time with the salt-and-pepper-haired Luyendyk leading into this episode.


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