What to expect when dating a law student

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I have watched repeatedly this video, and I must say that whoever played it, nailed the music tempo in the last fight. Seriously, every single action of the 'active cutscene' is put in a good part of the theme. The theme is good already on its own, but again, the timing made it just so much better. To hell with it, I admit I wanted a good score on the 5th boss, which is why I restarted.

v=H51v WPt OB3w This movie is a visual guide to get an 'S' rank on the Terminal Velocity Final Boss Battle for Wii Sonic Colors.

To anyone who beats this at the Legend level, i applaud you, because this is kicking my ass every single time as i have neither the skills nor the patience to "try, try, try again". i retract my previous statement of not being able to overcome the Legend path; i just did.

Though extremely challegning and pushing my skills to the very limit (with a little dash of luck) i was finally able to beat the final battles on the Legend difficulty.

2018/5/15/17357684/yanny-or-laurel-audio “Yanny” or “Laurel”: the audio clip that’s tearing the internet apart Yanny Laurel vote audio illusion the dress Do you hear Yanny or Laurel Cloe Feldman What Do You Hear?!

Visit for a chance to have your voice included in the film.


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