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This figure excluded blacks, who bore an average of five children, and it masked enormous variation among whites.In rural homes, technology had made relatively few inroads, and the burden of work for women remained immense.Whether a woman married (which 90% did) or remained single, her life was largely confined to the care of family members and home. Few women stayed in bed past daybreak, even when they were sick.Maids: Well-to-do housewives employed cooks, maids, nurses, and laundresses to free them from many of these tasks, but nine out of ten homes never had any domestic help.Home Production: The burdens of housework kept most wives out of the labor force.To achieve economic success men had to be aggressive and out-going; to protect that success, women had to be restrained and modest -- qualities that did not enhance women's chances of becoming economically independent of their families.Legal Constraints - Wherever private forces were insufficient to enforce the family claim, the law stepped in to guarantee women's compliance.Some couples favored abstinence to limit the number of children they bore.Many more favored withdrawal, the rhythm method, or one of a wide range of contraceptive devices then available, including condoms, sponges, douches, and cervical caps.There were many reasons women continued to be regarded as family possessions.- Physical demands of Home Work -- America remained an overwhelmingly rural society.


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