Victim of cyber dating crime

If you plan to use Facebook on an insecure network, like a public Wi-Fi hotspot, first set the encryption option (https) to protect your personal account from being hacked. [If you want to DELETE your Facebook account (not merely deactivate it), do a Google search for "how to delete my Facebook account" (without the quotation marks).

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interview questions about interracial dating - Victim of cyber dating crime

• Collect all electronic and hard-copy evidence and document all contact made by the stalker.Anyone who lets an obsession take over part of his or her life can become a cyberstalker. Most of them stop after being contacted by authorities.Yet stalking through the Internet continues to grow.Their severe psychological disorders can’t handle rejection; each offence tends to get worse – even violent. Watch for anything that feels creepy or intimidating.Take it seriously and document everything to help police prosecute the stalker.(By the way, a victim should never angrily insult a stalker.That just might fire him up for revenge.)She should contact Linked In.Do this once only, then never again communicate with the stalker. • If the stalking continues, complain to the stalker's Internet service provider (ISP), as well as your own ISP.Many ISP’s have tools that block messages from specific individuals.Making matters worse are the social media sites (Twitter, etc.) that try to connect you more closely to strangers. On her own, she found out the name, reported it to police and they arrested a 29-year-old woman. Obsessive stalkers target two million people – the average case lasting 18 months.And matchmaking sites often have “rejection revenge.” A woman was cyber-stalked for five years. And roughly 80% of stalkers target more victims after being convicted of one crime.


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