Us alcohol tax stamp dating

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In my visits I promised that I would be fiscally responsible and that I believed in open communications and business dealings.

When the voters spoke, I immediately made the comment that “my work was not done,” and it isn't.

There were a few common items mentioned in my discussions, including: · Questioning the need of a ladder truck in our district · The concept that the CPFPD was a “Good Old Boys Club” · A feeling that the CPDPD wanted to have the “biggest and best” equipment Now, before we go much further, I want to be clear that I was a candidate for the board of directors on the April 3 ballot, and Stanley George was chosen by the voters to serve in that role.

During the campaign I stated that I was proud of the volunteers of CPFPD, and I am proud of them.

Large companies could also pressure vendors to embrace responsible forestry practices. Of the 250 companies with the greatest influence over forests, only 18 earned a top score for their efforts to prevent deforestation, according to watchdog group Global Canopy Programme.

Deforestation isn't merely a threat to the environment. Madagascar's pneumonic plague, Liberia's Ebola, Brazil's Zika, and the United States' expanding Lyme problem must be a wakeup call about the need to protect forests. Rob Cohen Army veteran/physician Twitter @robcohenmd EDITOR: I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the citizens of Platte City, and of the Central Platte Fire Protection District (CPFPD), discussing the quality of service and the operational procedures.

Leaders worldwide must start treating it as a public health crisis, in addition to an environmental one. If deforestation continues at its current pace, every rain forest on the planet will disappear within 100 years.

This assault on animals' environment has unleashed many of the most dangerous diseases of the twentieth century. I traveled there in November to aid with the international response to their first ever urban outbreak of pneumonic plague -- a disease similar to the Black Death, but deadlier.

It is my belief that we, the taxpayers and citizens should have easy, open access to the operations and finances of our political subdivisions.

I have been obtaining copies of the agendas, minutes and financial reports from the monthly board meetings, and making them readily available for the citizens review and knowledge.


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