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It’s usually a good idea to separate your unit and integration tests, either as separate projects/assemblies, or at least using separate categories, so that you can run them separately.

It’s usually a good idea to separate your unit and integration tests, either as separate projects/assemblies, or at least using separate categories, so that you can run them separately.You’ll want to run the unit tests all the time, and they should be fast enough that doing so isn’t too painful.The tools don’t really help much here, since the various test runner frameworks all call themselves unit test frameworks, and the various test runners themselves almost universally refer to the tests they run as “unit tests” whether they are or not.

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Live demonstrations featured: These driver safety modules provided participants with a wide range of insights and experiences, all designed to demonstrate first-hand the difference that premium tyres and electronic automotive safety technology makes to driving.

Highlights included: From Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to world-leading premium tyres, participants at our Vision Zero Live events had the chance to discover the role Continental’s automotive safety technology plays in improving driver safety.

Driver safety has been - and always will be – at the heart of our company ethos.

And as one of the biggest driver safety experts in the world, Continental has set itself the ambitious goal of evolving from best in braking to zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents. Only Continental understands the entire braking process in every detail – from pedal to tyre.

Many were surprised to learn that our electronic automotive technology is central to achieving driver safety in the majority of new cars that roll off the factory floor and into the showroom.

Equally as surprising for many was the fact that over one in three new cars purchased by motorists in Europe are fitted with Continental tyres.Integration tests are great and necessary, but they’re generally at least an order of magnitude slower than unit tests, and as such you’re going to be able to run far fewer of them in a given amount of time.Therefore, you want to write as many tests for things unit tests can’t do (like actually testing your infrastructure and interactions between components).More importantly, it’s a test that has zero dependencies on infrastructure, or on code outside of your control. If you have code that has dependencies, you need to remove them when running your unit tests, typically by using mocks, fakes, or stubs.Unit tests should run fast – as in very, very fast – because they aren’t touching file systems, databases, networks, email servers, system clocks, etc. I’ve written before about dependencies, if you’re not sure what I mean: If you have a test that depends on any of the dependencies listed in the above posts, then you have an integration test.Most drivers already know that Continental are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium tyres, renowned globally for producing the safest summer, winter and all-season tyres range.However, not many people are aware that Continental are categorically the world leader in the manufacture of electronic automotive safety technologies. Continental has been a pioneer in road safety for more than 140 years.Here are some quick questions you can use to qualify your tests.There may be some exceptions to these rules, but these are generally good guidelines.Leader of the pack Zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents.It’s an unquestionably huge ambition, but one we’re extremely confident of achieving in the not so distant future. Because, being at the forefront of the development and delivery of electronic automotive safety technology solutions, we know first hand what has already been – and what will be – achieved.


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