Updating mcafee virus scanner

View Top Consumer Products Get the premium protection you need With every one of the Mc Afee® Total Protection products, you get the premium antivirus, identity, and privacy protection you need for your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

For home users, Mc Afee secures your mobile devices, including phones and tablets, as well as your home PC, laptops, and other devices.Thanks in advance If you uninstalled and totally reinstalled Mc Afee, it is unlikely that some virus has infested it (they usually do not want you to uninstall, reinstall, whatever antivirus software).It sounds more like it is detecting something on your machine, benign or not.Viruses are just a small part of today’s Internet threat landscape.Get Mc Afee Total Protection to guard your PC, social network, identity, family, and home network with our ultimate protection against hackers, malware, spyware, thieves, phishing, and other online threats.For business, enterprise, and government, Mc Afee provides comprehensive, integrated information security solutions that span all your environments.Our endpoint and mobile security solutions protect your end-user devices from threats, including viruses, phishing, malware, and other threats that target endpoints and users, and include leading-edge antivirus software and web security protection.Let it go through the full computer scan and then see if the problem disappears.I've had Windows Defender in Windows 10 do that constantly scanning thing and the vast majority of the time, it is doing that because it has detected something and wants to remove/quarantine it.Our network security solutions protect your network and its perimeter.Mc Afee solutions protect your servers, databases, and data centers from threats that target enterprise systems.


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