Updating figures in word

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The captions are all applied correctly, and I’ve tried the various methods for updating the fields.

I’ve even reinserted the List of Tables/Figures — all to no avail. I’ve suspected it was to do with track changes being on in the document, even though none of the captions or the paragraphs surrounding them were the subject of tracked changes.

To number your tables and/or figures by chapter (i.e.

"Figure 4-3"), you must label your chapter titles in a specific way so that Word knows which chapter it is in.

And I also suspected that something was happening with the field updating that can get messed up when track changes are on (see https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/word-macro-to-fix-track-changescross-references-issues/ for how to fix that).

To confirm my suspicions, I copied a document that wouldn’t behave and put it into a testing area (so I wouldn’t mess up the original).The following procedure may need a bit of tweaking, so if this method does not work for you, visit the contacts section for further aid.Problem: You saved your document and notice that the size is much larger than it should be.Solution: All of your Table of Contents entries need to have the appropriate style associated with them in order to show up properly.To fix this, you need to locate your missing entries in your content and make sure they have the correct style.We’ll refer to it as “Table of Contents” in this article, but this works for all kinds of contents listings.If you create a Table of Contents for a document but then change the actual document, it’s likely that you will also change …Problem: You updated your List of Figures/Tables and notice that some or all of the entries are missing.Solution: This is most likely because you inserted your table/figure captions incorrectly within the content of your thesis.My question is tho, how can one also 'assign' referenced figures '(Fig.4)' in the text to do the same thing - aka change when an image is added above it? In word go to Insert and Cross-ref and assign the ref.Then Ctrl A and F9 and everything should sort itself out.


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