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I also tried the following which takes the time from each record and then attempts to update the relevant field with the current date and the correct time for the record.

I also tried the following which takes the time from each record and then attempts to update the relevant field with the current date and the correct time for the record.DECLARE @current PK int SET @current PK = 1 DECLARE @max PK int SELECT @max PK = MAX(Call Charge PK) FROM Internet Tracking_tbl Call Charges DECLARE @temp Time datetime DECLARE @time varchar(15) while (@current PK There are a few different ways to do this.Is there any way I can update just the date parts of a Date Time field.

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Is there a way to change the value of an Update Parameter, like during the "_Updating" event? Forget finding anything in the VS 2005 online help. I'm either the biggest idiot that ever lived, or this stuff is a lot more confusing that is needs to be.

Part of an app I am working on involves finding the time difference between times.

A date is required to be input through the html page.

This is the original question from csalda: Hi - Hope someone can shed some light on this issue: I am setting up a Web application.

Also i have created a database with tables for each of this forms Pls help i have over 10 forms designed but the problem of submitting them to the table database and the user email address is the challenge now....

So far I have a string which has been set as follows: string d Str = Date Time. To Short Date String(); All fine - d Str is in the format "dd/MM/yyyy" Later I want to convert this string to a datetime to store in a db Date Time t Date = new Date Time. Submitting Web forms fields to sql database by clicking on SUBMIT FORM and sending the form fields to email box I have a created or designed a form to be stored in a SQL database table and at the same time when a user clicks on SUBMIT button the form fields will automatically goto the visitor email address immediately.One of my database tables includes a field which has times in the following format: for example: The problem I have is that I want to find the difference between say in my database table and .When I use DATEDIFF this falls because of the huge difference between the Date parts of these values.Morning All, Is it possible to clear a datetime field to NULL? I have a stored procedure for editing a record and inserting a record.I am trying to update a datetime field in SQL Server 2014 but i am getting this weird error I am trying to make the first row same as the second one and I am getting the above error: I have full-permission user and I also can edit all other columns except of datetime type columns!Any help in this regard would be more then welcome.When user performs an update of a bound datagrid, I want to update a couple of fields in the database table to indicate who last updated and when. If it's SQL Server set the default to Get Date() , in Access it's Now() and in Oracle it's sysdate. The solution probably involves setting up The simplest way is to stick a default value on the Date Time column in your database. To String() to get the current date as a string that can be put in an Update statement. The above error is what I get when the following code is executed: e. Two of the fields are datetime fields, a fromdate and a todate. But whenever I run the edit or insert, SQL server puts in the 1/1/1900 date. While I was being long-winded, angeliii posted the same explanation and suggestion; therefore, please assign points there.Is there a way to get around this and have null in the fields? Net to call and run the Stored procedures in SQL Server 2005. Continue on to my comment and please feel free to post back if you need further clarification. Please let us know if you have any difficulties implementing suggestion. First, ensure that the database field accepts NULL and does not have a default value of 1900-01-01, which is date 0.


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