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Great bus links into town and down to the beach if you couldn't walk the whole way into town and home.it has a very steep hill going back to the apartments but it is to be expected to get amazing views of the water. Amazing location, staff was friendly , the villa was more than we expected , i totaly recommend this location , very peacefull , perfect for relaxation , pool was 1 min away , seaside is 5 min walk and the surroundings very beautifull area of Nerja, on the Costa del Sol.

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=' In the - nokogiri ( To get deployment to work again I had to revert back setting nokogiri and autoprefixer-rails back to the previous versions.How do I go about updating these Gems on production?Everything has been working correctly up until the latest updates to autoprefixer and nokogiri.On the production server I see under (/shared/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems) it says the version of nokogiri is 1.6.8 and locally I have Gemfile and versions are correct on github and repo is fully up to date but when I do the cap production deploy I get this error that shows a mismatch between my development machine and the production server.For nokogiri I now have it set to - gem 'nokogiri', '1.6.8' in the Gemfile and autoprefixer-rails set to gem 'autoprefixer-rails', '' Yeah I'm not sure why the Gems aren't being updated to the versions that match my Gemfile and from Github.Is there anything you might try on production or locally to get things synced up again?Accommodation was well equiped and had nearly everything we needed, washing machine, dishwasher, etc; not to mention sky tv in English which was a bonus.We also like that the apartments are attractive and within a quiet area of Nerja, yet close enough to supermarkets and restaurants.So don’t blame the github, but if you’re seeing unicorn not refresh your app, this is probably why.The three config files are not copyrighted in any way (as I mostly copied them and edited them anyway).


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