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“We deliberately left it open for the audience to make up their minds about, but I believe, and she will tell Dr.

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(“But the internet is a wild place,” he said.) He also confirmed the time jump is 13 years in the future and said the story will be prominently addressed in Season 3.

“By the end of next season, you’ll have a pretty good sense of where it’s going,” Fogelman said, after confirming the scene will be addressed in upcoming episodes.

“This Is Us” wrapped up a season dominated by speculation with one definitive, and much-needed, ending: no more doting on Jack’s death.

The untimely demise of Milo Ventimiglia’s Pearson family patriarch stole a lot of focus in Season 2, but that’s over: Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz), Randall (Sterling K. The finale will likely drive even more theorizing, as Randall and a grown-up Tess built up the courage to “go see her.” Who’s her?

And then she has to unpack the darkness of what got Jeremy to do something to protect Quinn, to protect her family, [as well as] the prevailing darkness that brings her back to this show and gives her a sense of power and agency over people.” Rukeyser admits that in keeping Jeremy a part of the narrative in the third season, it’s a way to constantly have a physical reminder for Rachel of what she has to face and just how much more she has to get honest about.

However, Rukeyser says they are not necessarily looking to redeem him as a character.“Having to look at her own life was terrifying and that when the opportunity came up to obliterate herself with work, and that Quinn really needed her, she took it.They have a very codependent relationship, and so that the idea of having a role and a function and being loved and admired for her work and the way she deals with Quinn is very, very appealing.” Although the “Everlasting” set is a trigger for Rachel, who Shapiro points out is so controlling over a narrative that she never used to be able to tell the truth about even simple things, like what she had for lunch, she starts out completely committed to this new way of life, even when it annoys Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and seems to threaten her ability to successfully do her job.’” Although Rachel starts the season refusing to lie, the producers both admit that cannot last long.Her first lie comes tumbling out to Serena, and then she goes on a “lie bender, to continue the addiction metaphor,” says Rukeyser.“I think it will be rewarding when it’s done.” In a twist for the future that relates to the present, it was revealed that Kevin will be dating Zoe, Beth’s cousin, in the future, and they’re serious enough to be taking a trip to Vietnam together.But during the episode, it looked like Kate’s unofficial maid of honor Madison, played by Caitlin Thompson, who had her eye on Kevin.Ventimiglia was quieter about his next chapter: an extended stay in Vietnam, but also a romantic “origin story.” “Next year is going to be a real showcase for the younger version of Jack,” Fogelman said. and China wrapped up the second day of talks with Beijing agreeing to buy more American goods and services but resisting demands that it reduce the trade deficit it has with the U. “As an actor, that gives you the opportunity to sink your teeth into things.[…] I’m at the point where anything they write, I’m into it.” As for Kevin’s bout with alcoholism in Season 2, Fogelman said they’re looking to move past that, too.


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