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But there are many pitfalls that can get in the way of a successful online dating experience. The profile and photos that you post on a dating site will determine whether potential partners take an interest in you. Focus instead on what you’re looking for in a partner and a relationship and what you enjoy doing.

If your date refuses to go on a Skype or video date, perhaps they are hiding something.

If your date’s interests match yours exactly, he or she could me mirroring your profile to make you feel like they are ‘the one.’Often women get excited when they first start talking to someone online.

They project to the future and feel like they are in an instant relationship.

Remember that you’re a member of a dating site, he’s a member of a dating site, and chances are everyone is dating multiple people.

Just like businesses check out employees before hiring them, singles should know as much as they can about the person they are thinking of having an intimate relationship with. Some meet their special someone on the first date, others can take years before they connect.

Understand that the more you date, the better dater you become.

Would you know the name of the CEO or city of their headquarters? Add it all up, and it was a recipe for disaster before they even arrived at the sushi bar. Before you go on your next “first” date, make sure you are looking forward to it, do your homework, ask questions about the other person, take time to listen, and perhaps you’ll make a new friend, even if you don’t end up meeting “the one.” Julie Spira is the author of the bestselling online dating book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online.

She shares her stories to empower singles on the dating scene.

If you’re uncomfortable for any reason, just pick up and leave.

If your relationship is starting to become more serious or you’re thinking of becoming exclusive, conducting a background search is a wise move.


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