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Now everyone on Love Lab has a link to their love life that can be shared with anyone, anywhere so you can prove you are who you say you are. Not only can you see my verified name and age, but you can also see a watermarked photo that was verified against an instant selfie I took for likeness. If you fail the check we store the results in the app for your eyes only. On your personalized profile page we give instructions for how to request contact with you on the app.

When you, or someone else enters a valid Contact Code the corresponding profile is presented.

from Steven Ward Master Matchmakers If you haven’t learned by now, Love Lab is not just another dating app.

Its meant to complement every single dating site, service, app and avenue of meeting someone there is. If we met in person I’d be glad to show you my background check. Only people with squeaky clean backgrounds earn the highest level of trust.

Whether you believe this statistic or not, it points to a truth – interpersonal interaction involves more than just words.

If you’ve ever gotten a text and had to ask a friend to help decipher its meaning, then you understand this.While lower statistics are promising, all of the sites should be at zero percent.Harassment is not and never will be okay, and users that engage in this behavior should be penalized (and fined).I always encourage clients, family, fans and friends to make one of those initiatives enlisting the support of others.After all, its the been the number one way to meet your match for over 70 years.If you can’t afford the services of seasoned search agents like Master Matchmakers, the least you can do is find a friend or family member to venture out in public with so you can seek chemistry on sight.My only recommendation is that no matter where you meet someone get to know them in Love Lab first so you can be sure there is chemistry and trust before going on a date.(Approximately 69 percent of the people that participated in this survey were between the ages of 18 and 22.) Tinder and Ok Cupid ranked at the top with 39 percent and 38 percent of users, respectively, reporting harassment once, twice, or multiple times.Women experienced less harassment on websites like Match (21 percent) and e Harmony (17 percent).It is unfortunate when women should go out of their way and avoid tools that are designed to make aspects of their lives easier.Aziz Ansari, a comedian who starred on NBC’s Parks and Recreation just wrote a book along with sociologist Eric Klinenberg on the subject of love, and why people have such a hard time finding it.


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