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This mod expands the selection of division icons.- makes all unit icons available as division icons- adds a few new icons- modifies Recruit & Deploy UI and Division Designer UI to fit all icons Ironman compatible.

For those who did′t buy DLC, you can extract my mod files (in Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\394360\709144835) and rename to equip_air_l_english_(in localisation) or Planes_(in interface). I, J.24 Czechoslovakia: B-534, S-199, BH-33, B-35, B-71, S-50, A.100, F.39, B.31, B.33 Germany: Hs 129, Me-262, Ta 183, Hs.132, Ar.234, BV155, BF109TItaly: Re.2007, F-84 USSR: Mig-9, Mig-15, Il-28, Tu-16, M-4 France: Mystère, Ouragan , D.376, D.510UK: Battle, Meteror, Vampire, Canberra, Venom, Valiant, Nimrod, Seahurricane(replaces Seagladiator), Fulmar, Firefly Greece: Gladiator, Battle, MB.151, Hurricane, Spitfire, Potez630, Br.19, Anson, Blenheim, Baltimore Austria: Cr.20, Cr.32, Bf108, Bf109, Bf110, Me210, Do335, Ju87, T-6, J.29, B.17, Ca.133, Fw58, Ju86, Ju88Yugoslavia: R-100, Fury, Bf109, Br.19, B.4, Ca.310, SM, SM.79; IK-2, IK-3, PVT, Do.17Ukraine: I-15, Mi G-3, Yak-9, La-7, Il2, Il10, DB-3, SB-2, Tu-2, Pe-2, Yak-15, Mi G-15Switzerland: D.27, Bf 108, Bf 109, D-3800, Potez 630, Potez 632America ===== US: P-80, F-86, B-45, XB-51, P-61 , Grumman FF, P-26, P-36Brazil: P-12, P-36, P-40, P-47, V-11, A-28, A-35, PBY, O2U, A-20, B-25, B-18, Amiot 122, Meteor, P-80 Argentina: D.12, Hawk-III, Hawk 75, G.55, Ae MB.2, Model 8A, J2F, PBY, IAe.27, IAe.33, I. I would like to ask you, if it is possible to use parts of this mod in my own mod.

XXI, Gladiator Norway: Fury, Gladiator, P-36, Spitfire, Fokker C.

V-D, Douglas DT-2, Northrop N-3PB, PBY, Caproni Ca.310, Mosquito, Whirlwind, G.

Now there are 416 new sprites for 37 countries in game! Unique Planes List ============================ Asia ===== China: HAWK III, I 16, P40, P51, P47, B-25, B-24, B17, V-12, DB-3, P-43, SB-2, A-20, P-38, XP-1, Gamma 2, O2U, TBF, TBM, F-84, F-86 Communist China: La-7, J-3, J-2, Yak-9, I-15, I-16, Il2, Il10, SB-2, TB-3, Pe-8, Tu-4, Tu-2, Pe-2, Po-2, Su-2, DB-3, IL-4, Pe-3, I-185, Mi G3 Japan: Kikka, J7W , A4N, A7MPhilippines: P-12, P-26, P-36, P-51, O-46, B-10, B-26, B-25Thailand: Hawk 75, Ki-21, Ki-27, Ki-43, Ki-36, Ki-55Manchukuo: Ki-27, Ki-43, Ju.86 Mid-East====Iran: P-47, Fury, Ju w 33, A.20, DH.82, R-5, DH-9, Br.19, Hurricane Iraq: Gladiator, Nisr, A-17, Ba.65, Bf110, He111, Ju90, Sm.79, Anson Turkey: Hawk III, Hurricane, Kittyhawk, Spitfire, Battle, Baltimore, Beaufighter, Blenheim, He-111Israel: Spitfire, S-199, Meteor, Ouragan Egypt: Mc.205, Spitfire, Meteor, Mi G-15, Stirling Europe ===== Belgium: Gladiator, Firefly, Hurricane, Spitfire, R-31, Fox, Br.19, Anson Finland: Fokkers D.

XXI, BF109 , Do17, Blenheim I and IV, DB-3, Ju88, Gamecock, B-239, Ripon, SB-3, Pe-3, Fokkers C. X, Pe-2, Myrsky, Kotka Romania: IAR 37, IAR 14, IAR P.24, He-112, IAR 80, IAR 81, FW190, BF110, FI 167, CANT Z.501, He-111, Hs-129, SM.79, Ju-87, Me-410, Potez 630, Potez 534, IAR 109 Hungary: Ju 87, CR.42, He-112, Héja-M, FW190, Cr.32, Bf110, Me210, He-111, Bf 109, WM 21, Ca 135, Ju 88, Do 17Denmark: Fokkers D. Higbee's 7/18/1933 (lever cap) Dimensions: For planing concave and convex surfaces as in circular frames and in serpentine drawer fronts.The flexible sole adjusts by turing the large front knob.The adjustment linkage in the #113 has a tendency to strip out and the arms holding the sole are thin strips of steel and did not hold up under heavy use.The rear handle also had a tendency to break if under heavy strain or if dropped.So for 60 bucks at auction I bought some antique tool dealers collection of rejects lesser planes, a minor chip here and there, stubby irons or missing parts.At the top are a crude Stanley #110 on the left and Sargents idea of a low-angle block on the right an adjustable mouth, but too large for my hand and too little support for the iron.The acid attacks the rust without touching iron or steel, and leaves behind a protective coating of iron phosphate in pits and recesses, inhibiting further rust.I much prefer this rust removal method to any other for tools used in damp boat sheds.You can read our stories about good frogs (and bad ones) and good soles (and tortured ones) to get up to speed. The first time you pick up one of these totes, your hand will thank you. Its steel components are thick and don’t bend easily. There is a screw in the center of the frog that allows you to make precise adjustments to the location of the frog. The adjustment wheel is plastic and there is no screw for adjusting the frog forward and back. The tote on the far left is a blister-making machine.


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