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Short-term reproducibility was assessed by repeating the assessment within 5 minutes in a random sample of 51 participants (9 men . 0.007 m/s) and inter-individual variability (random slope variability, 0.025, SE = 0.002, vs.

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Incident stroke and CHD events were validated by expert committees based on medical records.

Cardiovascular disease was defined as having a history of stroke, CHD, or lower-limb arteritis.

In 4011 participants (65–85 y), we measured usual/fast GS (6 m) up to five times.

We examined whether the baseline height-GS association varied with age using linear regression, and whether height influenced GS change using linear mixed models.

Wave 3 (2005–06) included only a self-administered questionnaire.

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The study protocol was approved by the ethical committee of the Kremlin-Bicêtre University-Hospital (France); all methods were performed in accordance with the declaration of Helsinki and all participants gave written informed consent.Participants ≤85 years were invited to the study centre in 1999–2001 and after two (wave 1/2001–02), four (wave 2/2003–04), seven (wave 4/2006–07), nine (wave 5/2008–09), and 11 years (wave 6/2010–12).Participants 85 years were assessed at home throughout the follow-up; from wave 2 onwards, those ≤85 years were also offered the option of a home assessment, and gait speed was assessed at home only at wave 6.In this paper, our research question is whether the gait speed advantage of taller stature is lost with age.To address this question, we investigated to which extent the association between taller stature and faster gait speed persists into old age.Height is one of the many factors that influences gait speed.The health advantages of greater height have long attracted scientific interest.Taller participants 65 y at baseline walked faster than shorter ones (fast GS difference between top/bottom height quartiles, 0.100 m/s, P .Gait speed is a simple and reproducible measure that can be easily implemented in clinical settings and carries remarkable prognostic information as slow gait speed is associated with unfavorable outcomes, including disability.We assessed a wide range of covariates to describe the participants characteristics, including several that have been previously associated with either height or gait speed, and to perform multivariable analyses.Weight was measured to the nearest kilogram during clinical examinations (or self-reported at all waves otherwise); measures were obtained for 99% of participants at baseline, 0% at waves 1 and 2, 89% at wave 4, 92% at wave 5, and 87% at wave 6.


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