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"Of course, it took some time discussing all of our wants, desires, and needs, but we were both always very open to exploring all aspects and parts of each other's sexuality." H, mentioned in the texts above, "is just a friend by most standards," she says.

"She and I have hooked up a few times, both before and after Jon and I started dating.

When I was living in San Francisco and he was in New York, I would try and send him sexy photos, like a photo of my butt at a cute angle, and get ignored or get a response that suggested he didn't totally know how to respond.

So nothing's changed." "There's a Jewish tradition of leaving an empty seat for Elijah (the prophet) at the Passover dinner.

It usually takes a second for me to get, but it's very funny." "I wouldn't call us a wild couple.

We don't really sexy text because I'm too paranoid that I'll get hacked," says Michelle.

"I was surprised by how much he was willing to do to see me in lingerie, though!

He knows the way to my heart is through food — in general, he can get me to do anything if he makes me a home-cooked meal.

So when he found out I didn't buy the lingerie, his reaction was like, 'Waaaa :( !! '" "We haven't sexy texted in a loooong time," says Devon.

"I'm uncomfortable sending [sexy] pictures, since we've been in situations where my texts have popped up when a friend is using our computer. Tim is usually very into pictures and sexy chats and he loves hearing about any sex dreams I have, so I was expecting a little more from his texts!


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