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Note: I know this issue is a heated one, so I’m requesting that we refrain from a debate on gun laws in the comment section — where each side of the issue is highly unlikely to convince the other side — and instead stay focused on the question posed here by the letter-writer.

which allows young job seekers aged between 18 and 30 to benefit from a traineeship placement abroad for a period between three to seven months.

My reasoning — that it does me no good to leave it locked in a safe in my car (and that it’s more secure on me than in my car), that no one will find out unless they are touching me somewhere they shouldn’t be touching me anyway, and that I’m not going to start shooting people — does not sway her at all.

Her rock hard stance that my firearm should be left in the car (which puts me back in the same position of being in the office and walking to my car alone) has led me to doubt myself.

According to state statutes, it is legal to carry in my building (default in my state is that it’s legal unless otherwise posted, with a few exceptions).

Assorted employee handbooks and guides at my company make absolutely no mention of guns (though this could be due more to oversight than deliberation, since my company is fairly small).

I get that the law says otherwise, but I think it should be their call anyway.

Furthermore, if the fact that you’re carrying a gun at work comes out at some point, I think it’s going to be a pretty incendiary issue in your office.

But ultimately, I think it comes down to this: In choosing not to tell your employer, you’re denying them the ability to have a say in something I think impacts them.

(Of course, you’re also lowering the chances that they’ll forbid you from carrying it and post any required signs in order to make that edict legally compliant.) But I advocate erring on the side of transparency when you’re in doubt on something affects others, and so I vote for transparency here as well.


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