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What she didn't know, though, was that from the '80s until 1996, he'd go to gay bars to pick up men and lure them to his indoor pool to kill them.—rachelbd1d17 He was born in Iowa, but didn't commit any murders until he was an adult living in Alaska.From the early '70s to the mid-'80s, he'd scour nearby forests where he'd kidnap and eventually kill at least 17 women — possibly more.The young man was carrying a sawed-off shotgun and .38 revolver that were smuggled into the school under his coat. The Associated Press reports that the ex-boyfriend of a victim in a California blast has been arrested.

After being caught a second time, she died in prison in 1878.—kimberlym4e20 Pennell would use the van he drove for his electrician job to pick up victims along Route 40 in Delaware, and fibers from the carpet of his van were found on two of the five people he was suspected of killing.One of his jobs was performing as a clown at kids' parties, and he apparently wore his clown costume during a few of the murders.He was put to death by lethal injection in 1994.—maggles Baumeister was an owner of a thrift store chain called Sav-A-Lot and a family man who was "dedicated to [his] children," according to his wife.They simply uploaded the suspect’s DNA profile captured at...The nation is devastated once again as another shooter took aim at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas.In the early hours of May 18, students attending Santa Fe High School were alerted about an active shooter situation.Witnesses have confirmed to ABC news that the shooting occurred on campus during ...When he was arrested, he said "demons made him" do it, and authorities learned about another murder he committed in New York. He killed six female students, two of his grandparents, and his mom before he was 24.He found the six girls in the mountains of California, decapitated them, and had sex with their corpses.Authorities across the nation were thrilled and excited about the innovative way investigators captured the Golden State Killer.Now, police Snohomish County have cracked a cold murder case and made an arrest utilizing the same method.


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