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A deeper understanding of men and women will help you interpret behaviors correctly and act accordingly.This helps single people move through the various stages of dating much more smoothly but can also help married couples improve their communication at home. Changing Gender Roles in Modern Relationships For centuries, the gender roles of marriage were: husband as breadwinner and protector and wife as homemaker and mother.The course consists of meaningful lectures from John, small group exercises, partner processes, guided visualizations, writing exercises, personal sharing and personal work with John. Most people tell us they do not want to leave on Sunday.

His solutions have proven to work for millions of people around the world. Whether you've been married for decades, you're in a new relationship or you're still looking for the one, John will teach you how to discover the true keys to passionate and enduring love. You won't just sit and learn these life-changing techniques from John.

You will experience them and apply them throughout the weekend - transforming yourself and your relationships. The added dynamic of dealing with real-life issues is very engaging and the results are extremely rewarding.

Jody Kaylor: Speaker, Life Mentor and Improviser of Creative Solutions Whether as a bank Vice President in New York in the ’80s, her 15 years as an organizational wiz in Paris, operating through her alter-ego Madame Sophie or advising individuals, couples or CEOs, Jody has an exquisite capacity for weaving the practical, profound, and perceptive view with playful humor in delivering personalized solutions as well as time-tested conscious living and relationship tools.

Jody has spent her life exploring, improvising and transforming and embraces the most efficient, effective and enjoyable methods she has found.

She also blends the mischievous humor of the Pink Panther and the practical magic of Mary Poppins with ease and flair knowing that creativity eases suffering on the transformational journey.

Relationships have changed more in the past 30 years than they did in the 3,000 years before that.

Are you MARRIED and want to improve communication and sharing? His relationship seminars have helped millions of people improve their relationships quickly.

John Gray's Mars Venus Relationship Weekend is a 3-day relationship seminar that teaches you how to find everything you want in a loving relationship through a better understanding of the differences between men and women.

Men thrive in a relationship when they feel needed and appreciated. John will show you how to apply the intense intimacy that comes with sex to your own personal, spiritual path in life. How Your Hormones and Your Health Affect Your Relationship The differences between the sexes can be directly attributed to our hormones.

Likewise, it is important that a woman feels that her man can lead with confidence and a purpose. Sex, Intimacy and Your Spiritual Life Sex directly nurtures our male and female sides more than any other activity a couple can share. John will show you how balancing our hormones will not only improve your relationships but give you strength and energy to cope with the challenges of a modern lifestyle.


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