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You will achieve Untrusted status after breaking the chat rules.Any broken chat rules after becoming Untrusted will continue to slow down your progress towards Good Standing status so be careful to chat nice!Good Standing - Good Standing players are at the basic level of chat privileges.

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In order to achieve Trusted status, you will have to continuously say good, trusted things that help fight the Darkness and make the Idea Seeker Universe a great place to make new friends and meet up with old friends.BE A REALLY TRUSTED CITIZEN AND GET REWARDS: King Daveau and Queen Keyara are always looking for people willing to fight the Darkness and His Clouds of Chaos on Planet Sarillion and around the Universe.People who become fully trusted with behavior on Sarillion that shows they are ready to do more, will be contacted for great opportunities.As you make sure not to say any "Dark Words" you will show you are a good citizen and you will become a Trusted Ally or Trusted Idea Seeker.This trust state will earn you recognition for being on your way to becoming an important citizen and also earn you rewards on the planet Sarillion.Chatting on Kids, you can talk to kids from all over the world.But you have to Play Smart and Stay Safe to Have Fun!CHAT STATUS PRIVILEGES There are three levels of chat status each with a different chat bar color.As a new player, everyone starts out with Good Standing.Good Standing players will type their chat in a white chat bar.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET CLOUDED: However, if you get tricked by the Darkness and His Clouds of Chaos to say Dark Words and become a Warrior Drone for the Darkness (by using swear words, mean or unkind words, talk about unsafe things or if you use a lot of words King Daveau doesn't recognize on Sarillion because of really bad spelling or slang) your ability to chat will get more limited.


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