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Elliot takes issue with the terms of endearment Dr.

tries to convince his patient (John Ducey) to quit smoking. The episode's writer, Matt Tarses, won the 2002 Humanitas Prize in the 30 Minute Category for this episode.

Features Cody Estes in his first of six appearances as Young/Child J.

Turk confronts his fear of making a mistake in surgery after thinking he has accidentally nicked a patient's colon.

relishes being the best intern, but then has to face competition from fellow intern Nick Murdoch (Sean Hayes). and Turk save the life of a TV cameraman, which makes them celebrities. Kelso decides to take advantage of this by using Turk in advertisements for the hospital aimed at the African-American community, with slogans such as "Our MD's have Mad Skills" and "Time to Get an EKG, G".

to do it so that he could discover his own shortcomings and judge himself. Elliot treats Jill (Nicole Sullivan), a patient who's just as nervous and neurotic as she is. Elliot chooses the hospital over her new boyfriend Sean. Elsewhere cast members William Daniels, Eric Laneuville, Stephen Furst, and Ed Begley, Jr. Turk's ego takes a hit from the attending surgeon Dr. Cleared from infection, he becomes scared of getting sick. Cox's best friend Ben (Brendan Fraser) comes into the hospital after piercing his hand with a nail-gun; however Dr. A series of paperwork bungles nearly has Turk operate on the wrong patient, and has Elliot incorrectly informs Jill (Nicole Sullivan) that she's pregnant. Cox has a hard time being supportive because he cares about Ben too much. D.'s patient is a headstrong but kindly old woman, Turk's is a young man who just needs some company, and Elliot's is a Hispanic woman who does not speak any English. misses Turk's company because they are both too busy to hang out, and he worries that a patient's post-op reaction is Turk's fault. The three interns have to face death for the first time: J. The first season of the American comedy television series Scrubs premiered on NBC on October 2, 2001 and concluded on May 21, 2002 and consists of 24 episodes. The characters face romances and relationship issues, family obligations, overwhelming paperwork, and a tremendous number of patients. Scrubs was created by Bill Lawrence who wrote the pilot as well as 3 other episodes in the season. The first season also introduces recurring supporting characters such as "The Todd" (Robert Maschio), a boorishly lascivious surgeon; Ted (Sam Lloyd), the hospital's hapless, nervous lawyer; Laverne (Aloma Wright), fellow nurse and mentor to Carla; Jordan Sullivan (Christa Miller), Dr. D.'s is very much like he was at the beginning, Elliot's is a jerk but the son of the CEO of the corporation that owns the hospital, and Turk's is a smart, confident woman (Kelli Williams) to whom Dr. Carla assures him that it was the terminal cancer, but J. Elliot believes her breasts to have healing powers. Cox's suspension puts his future at the hospital in doubt. Greenberg, is a psychiatrist, and begins to act like his patient. has a beautiful but self-absorbed board member as a patient, and he winds up having sex with her after standing up to her. Cox's ex-wife, Jordan (Christa Miller, in her first appearance in the series).


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