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A section of Extra Stuff at the books end includes a guided series of reflections, several of which incorporate the prayers attributed to Austen, as well as a scheme for keeping a dating diary based on the qualities elaborated in the book proper.Central to Arthurs enlistment of Pride and Prejudice as a dating guide for teens of faith is her contention that these young womens own search for mates is fundamentally similar to that undertaken by Austens characters.

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Our stock in trade is, after all, close attention to Austens use of language, the subtlety of her characterization and plotting, and the rich social, historical, and political contexts on which she draws, often unobtrusively: the very elements that are most likely to disappear, or be radically re-envisioned, when her works are imported across significant distances of time, geography, and culture.

Juliette Wells (email: [email protected]), an assistant professor of English at Manhattanville College, is the author of several articles on Austen and her cultural legacy, as well as annotations and commentary on Pride and Prejudice for Penguin Classics new e-book edition., Austens novels have been reshaped in our era to appeal to global audiences very different from her original readers in their tastes and priorities, and distant as well from academic critics.

These cross-cultural adaptations depend, of course, on the capacity of Austens central themes and characters to be transposed compellingly into other languages and cultures, as well as other media.

After several prefatory sectionsbeginning with Arthurs confession that she has a crush on Mr.

Darcy (ix)Arthur presents a five-part series of reflections on topics relevant to the young dater, with each section mixing discussion of the novel and of contemporary Christian life.


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