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This is a new phenomenon: before, players would remain mostly mum about infractions by their peers; the antagonism between players and owners left over from the reserve clause has never fully disappeared.“I think everybody’s frustrated, especially the players.As a result, this season, Braun only managed 61 games before he was suspended on July 22, for the remainder of the season for violations of the Basic Agreement and its Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

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Ryan braun dating

It was a win for fairness, but something was lost—the sense of baseball, as in the film’s title, as “a game” rather than a business. Baseball has always been a business, regardless of our collective childlike refusal to recognize it as such, but it was easier to ignore that fact when the owners were keeping the money side secret.“When It Was a Game” is a reminder of an essential conflict in baseball: that fans, writers, and players each experience the game in their own ways, and want and expect different things from it.

This is the id of the sports fan in his living room, and of the talk-radio host barking in your car, and of the grizzled columnist writing the umpteenth article about how the latest generation of jocks is tarnishing the past.

An open secret, in some ways: we love sports but kind of hate the players.

It’s in the Ken Burns mode—baseball as mostly peaceful national treasure, a symbol of America as it should be—but amid the home-movie nostalgia the film highlights the sixties as a contentious era in which the economics of the sport, which favored owners at the expense of players, finally became untenable.

For years, thanks to the reserve clause in contracts, the rights to players were retained by their team, leaving the players little leverage to negotiate better salaries.


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