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More importantly, we take a sensitive approach to matching industry standard buzz words and usage terms as descriptors for your tracks.We currently serve music licensing and sound library companies.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

We are a team of music analysts mostly residing in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles CA.

We are a team of analysts with extensive music backgrounds and analyst experience and training.

We have many years experience through previous employment with Pandora Media. We listen for specific musical traits such as instrumentation, tempo, genre, sub-genre etc.

Our goal is to help these companies find the right music for their clients.

Better music tags for better music searches will aid in the increase of your sales.Cause upset during week overseas Cause winter isolation Cause ___Cause, as havoc Cause, bring about Cause, justification Cause: Suffix Cause; on time Caused Caused by Caused by providential gu Caused disharmony Caused distress Caused distress to Caused some winter havoc, Caused to be scored, as a Caused to disappear over Caused to go Caused to swell up Causes consternation Causes dissolution of cel Causes for complaint Causes for penalties Causes for stadium cheers Causes gasps Causes increasing irritat Causes of bickering Causes of breakdowns Causes of catarrh Causes of cheers, briefly Causes of coughs Causes of distress Causes of many swoons Causes of meteorological Causes of modern shutdown Causes of rain in London?Cause of yawning Cause or bring about Cause pain or numbness, m Cause resentment Cause someone's insomnia, Cause suffering to Cause that NOW championed Cause the death of Cause to attack Cause to attack over records Cause to be absorbed Cause to be loved Cause to be remembered always Cause to be stuck Cause to be unpleasantly surprised Cause to beam Cause to begin Cause to believe a lie Cause to blush Cause to burn Cause to cower Cause to err Cause to fall into ruin Cause to feel awkward Cause to feel bored Cause to feel dispirited Cause to feel isolated Cause to feel less conceited Cause to fret Cause to function Cause to go Cause to grimace Cause to have cracks Cause to leave the tracks Cause to lose dignity Cause to lose hope Cause to occur Cause to operate Cause to pull over Cause to rise and hover Cause to see red Cause to sparkle Cause to swell Cause to tilt Cause to vanish Cause to yawn Cause trouble Cause unrest?Cell material Cell messenger Cell occupant Cell on a slide Cell organelle with micro Cell part Cell parts Cell phone brand Cell phone button Cell phone feature Cell phone feature, often Cell phone ring in a thea Cell phone setting Cell resulting from two gametes fusing Cell sojourner Cell stuff that fabricate Cell suffix Cell terminal Cell that conducts nerve impulses Cell transmitters Cell wall, perhaps Cell's lack Cell's protein producer Cell-phone button Cellar container Cellar contents Cellar dweller's place Cellar stock Cellar's opposite Cellar, in classifieds Cellar, in real estate ad Cellarlike Cellist Casals Cellist Pablo Cellist Rostropovich, to Cellist who debuted at Lo Cellist's cube Cellist's direction Cello feature Cellos' little cousins Cellos, violas, etc.: Abb Cellphone's predecessor Cells embedded in Slovakia Cells for women only Cells have removable core Cells sharing a function Cells turn to fix as drug dealt externally Cellular biology material Cellular carrier?Cellular stuff Cellular suffix Cellular ___Cellulite sites Celluloid terrier Cellulose fiber brand Celsius Celsius who invented the Celsius, e.g.Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.79:3 (2016) article, “All the Queen’s Clothes: Identifying Female Royalty at Early Dynastic Ur,” by Aubrey Baadsgaard, consultant scholar in the Near East Section of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Gettysburg College. 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