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This also marked the first time Amos performed alongside a traditional full band set-up, instead of tracking vocals and piano first and then adding other elements.

By thirteen she had begun playing gay bars in Washington, D. At seventeen she won a contest involving a song she and her brother had written about the Baltimore Orioles, titled "Baltimore." This was her first single, pressed for friends and family, and released with another original track as a B-side entitled "Walking With You." After seven years of unsuccessfully sending her demos to record labels, Amos (now being call Tori, having been given the name by a friend's boyfriend) moved to Los Angeles to further her career.

At some point while living there Amos was assaulted by a regular at the bar she played at weekly.

Most fans think of it as fairly accessible, and is also a major favorite.

Her next album of new material, To Venus and Back, was released in 1999 (conversationally on the same day as Nine Inch Nails' album The Fragile), although it wasn't planned that way.

The lyrics were also much more metaphorical, associative, and complex, either being praised for their brilliance or dismissed as self-indulgent. This was also the first time Amos had ever self-produced.

She would later state that she wouldn't know who she'd be today if she hadn't made the record, as it was about her "finding her own flame," and had greatly expanded and strengthened her voice.

The subsequent tour was famously intense, and the album itself is generally the favorite of many fans, or thought of as the most "perfect." Amos's fourth album, from the choirgirl hotel, was released in 1998 after much change in the singer's life.

Since her previous album she had married her sound engineer and experienced some traumatic events in her personal life, each of which was addressed on the album.

This reversal in thought brought about her debut solo album Little Earthquakes, centered around her piano and exploring themes like religious guilt, relationships, and, perhaps most famously, her own rape, released in 1992.

This album shot Amos into the public's critically-favorable awareness, and began building her fanbase.


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