Relationship between dating marriage

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Having this type of monetary security as people who don’t earn investment banker salaries and who are only 31 is pretty unusual.

But, it’s not impossible by any means and, it’s honestly not that complicated.

I was profoundly touched that he cared enough about me to go outside of his comfort zone and rearrange his senior year schedule in order to connect with me in a deeper way.

This simple act showed me that he cares deeply about me and listens to me, is willing to try new things, doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, and wants to chart his own path through life. Another tenet of our relationship is that we make it a practice not to fear change or the unknown.

Now that we’re at least mature adults, I’ve realized our trajectory is equal parts amazing and terrifying.

It’s amazing because we were able to navigate the early challenges of adulthood side by side, but terrifying because we were so young and immature when we met that I’m somewhat shocked we held it together and made it this long!

Sure, we’re cautious, circumspect people and we don’t make any decisions without extensive research and planning (for one example, see our extremely in-depth consideration of the purchase of a storm door…). People have asked what we’ll do if we don’t enjoy homesteading to which I reply, well, we’ll figure out our next adventure.

The prospect of working towards another dream in the future is honestly not that big of a deal to us.

I think it’s unrealistic to expect someone to forever be the same person and I’m thankful we’ve learned to respect each other’s growing pains and desires for innovation over the years.

This inherent flexibility and creativity is central to how we live.


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