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What's the most different and similar thing about your show self vs. In life we have a very realistic friendship and we are really great working partners.CH: And we're not quite as self-involved in real life as we are on the show.And so they tried to get me to shoot the scene without underwear, but it was like, we had to be moving around and I was like, "Hi, I don't think I can do that," so they had to go get me underwear. CH: You know, I'm really good friends with Larry, I see him all the time, but we never talk about Curb. He doesn't say, "No, it's over, that's not going to happen again," so I kind of feel like, well it's a possibility! And then also, I'm friends with Allison Janney and I can't wait to see Moms.

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So she literally came up with the idea, "Well, what if we have an assistant and we share him? And then you came up with Max, your joint assistant. CH: We just take real life and exaggerate it a little bit in the parts that we think are funny. (laughs) And also, Cheryl and I are very supportive of each other's careers and I don't mind if she gets offered roles.

Just like the part about being on Suburgatory and I'm supposed to be tan all the time. But then we still get to use fictitious story lines and characters too, if we want. It's more funny that I have to read for something, but it's not something that I'm angry about.

CH: I just recently had to ask my assistant to clean out my daughter's hedgehog cage. It's not easy because you can't really hold a hedgehog, so she would have to put on a rubber glove, to pick it up, you know. In the show, Rachael, you have a cat named Fellini. And we got very lucky because I have a friend named Maria and she has a neighbor who walks her cat. Have either of you ever had to wear a merkin, or what's a crazy thing you've had to do on set?

And so we asked if we could use her cat in this show. CH: Well, I was producing a TV show, and in the show the guy was supposed to be a porn star.

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It appears that software on your computer is blocking Java Script.Cheryl, who would you rather: Larry David or Jeremy Sisto? Jewish tradition states that a Jew is any person whose mother was Jewish (Talmud, Kidushin 68b), or any person who has gone through aproper conversion to Judaism (Talmud, Yevamot 47a).And if they didn't have the right food, they weren't going to come.It was just one cell phone call after the other asking questions like that, and they were just kind of losing perspective on why we were having the event.And on the day that we shot, the contraption that the wardrobe person had made was a flesh-colored Speedo, but the Speedo wasn't working because we were going to blur out his business in post [production], but we could still see the Speedo, so we really needed him to be nude.So I suggested that he wear a merkin, so that he would be covered, but he would still be nude. RH: So we get to play those people that other people are like, "OMG can you believe they behave that way?" And then we'll say, what if we behave that way? So you know people that have done this, that have made a big deal about flying coach? CH: We aren't here to name names, but I had to plan a party for a celebrity back in the day and we had people's assistants call and ask who their celebrity bosses would be sitting next to at the party, and if people weren't at the right table next to the right people, they weren't going to come.The show revolves around Cheryl, Rachael and their joint assistant Max, who has to deal with the women's trials and tribulations that come along with fame. When I got Curb Your Enthusiasm I was doing personal assistant work, and now I have a personal assistant, and the world of personal assistants in Hollywood is just really funny. You both play yourself on the show and some things are very real, like Cheryl — you are in Suburgatory on the show.Buzz Feed spoke to Cheryl and Rachael to hear about the show, their friendship and a merkins. Rachael Harris: And Cheryl has been working with our writer Julie Welch, on kind of a different version of that, and then Cheryl and I really wanted to do something together. Max worked for me as a personal assistant for a while. How do you differentiate between real life and what's on the show?


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