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Each package comes with a certain number of industry feeds and regional (geographic) feeds to choose from.

Step 3: Account Verification PRWeb has introduced some new account security steps that will help make sure no one unauthorized is sending out news for your company.

Previously, you could put any contact info or social media accounts when you distributed a release – now they all need to be verified.

Verifying a company website is optional verification.

For social media accounts you’ll need to connect with user id & pw each one you want listed on your release. Schedule your release After everything is loaded up into the press release template and selections are made you can schedule your release date and time.

PRWeb lists it as their most popular package, probably because the bump in added benefits is substantial.

A Premium package 9 is available for those that want video in their release and more national media exposure – including the Associated Press wire. If your budget is very tight go with the Basic or Standard package.PRWeb is one company press release distribution service that makes it fairly easy and straightforward for small businesses to get the word out with a press release.Here are some of the basic steps in selecting a package to purchase, determining your distribution targets, verifying your contacts and social media accounts, and then distributing your news release.NOTE: be careful about these add-ons that are offered…they can really drive up your price if you don’t really need them.Note for basic and standard release packages you need to wait 2 days before it can be released. Get our book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn – Strategies and Ideas for Small Business Public Relations (a 2013 Small Business Book Awards Winner).The book walks you through many of the basics of doing your own PR…If you are a small business looking to distribute your news online via a press release distribution service, there are no shortage of options to choose from.However, for the average small business owner that may only occasionally release news, some online services can be tricky.While we’re discussing PRWeb and Businesswire, there are other, similar services available.Businesswire: Press Coverage Businesswire complies with SEC regulations, making it a reliable source for information and enabling public companies to use this service to make required announcements.


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