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She thinks it’s now too easy to seek out someone new.Giving a prospective relationship a genuine chance happens less in an age where novelty trumps intimacy, and in which we’re encouraged to play a much wider field.It’s not surprising that making a real commitment to anyone can feel anachronistic.

She thinks it’s now too easy to seek out someone new.

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Why invest when I know there’s a high chance this person is figuring out where to place me in his rankings, and wondering whether he could do better? I don’t think everyone needs to settle down and that their not doing so means they’re a bad or superficial person.Life as an “expat” (for want of a better word that connotes wanting to feel at home here but not really being ‘from’ here) in Hong Kong can feel like millennial stereotypes on overdrive.Hyper-ambitious, hyper-individualistic, hyper-atomized. Ever glued to I-phones, connections can feel very superficial in a city that teems with “global citizens” who live nowhere and everywhere.In July, the government announced a controversial checkpoint arrangement for the train line, which would involve “leasing” land to the mainland and effectively giving up Hong Kong jurisdiction in a part of the West Kowloon terminus, HKFP reports.The arrangement has been met with opposition by the city’s democrats as to whether or not it is constitutional.According to Ma, the project is 99 percent complete and is expected to open in September.According to a statement by MTR, the name was picked by a judging panel with “Vibrant Express” beating around 16,000 entries.We don’t like to answer to anyone other than ourselves, which, you know, helps us feel powerful in a place where someone always seems to be living their lives better than we are.“Hong Kong isn’t very real,” said one friend when I first arrived over two years ago on a warm, beautiful evening watching the tide come in.We were the token beleaguered Brits in a crowd of beach party revelers, and the scene felt Truman Show-like.The implication being, they say, that many have hook up fatigue.“Close to two million Facebook users in Hong Kong are listed as “single” or “unspecified” said co-founder Dawoon Kang, explaining why the SAR was the first market they launched in outside the US.From the seedy Wanchai strip bars to Lan Kwai Fong’s boorish and cocaine-fueled club culture, Hong Kong has long been described as a place to get laid, not find love.


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