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The sad news also comes after Timmy had made a triumphant return to the group, and they were all set to go on tour in the summer.The Overtones singer Timmy Matley has died at the age of 36. Details surrounding his death are unclear however it's been reported that he fell from the balcony of a building in London on 9 April.We also have help from the lovely Dom and Paul Robert.

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When the conversation turns to costumes and that infamous meat dress…

I’m just putting it out there now, in her vocal she’s sounding a bit too theatrical and I know that we’ll get a lot of hate for this, I’m not sure I can connect with it, I could connect with her earlier songs… Mark pulls out his phone and sure enough the boys are dancing a perfectly routined, impromptu set for Gaga’s Applause in the middle of Soho’s G-A-Y bar, complete with amused onlookers in the background.

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Had the pleasure of meeting him and the rest of the band back in 2012 when they played in Aberdeen.

Rest in peace x pic.twitter.com/v LRyik29P8 — Lynne Reilly (@boo_lil) April 11, 2018 Timmy stormed to fame with The Overtones after joining the group in 2010.They’ve shrugged off their initial press splash story; of being painters and decorators, ‘discovered’ by a passing record exec. ‘Saturday Night At The Movies’ is predominantly an album of cover songs from the movies. The Overtones were certainly ahead of the game when they entered the public arena in 2010 with their 1950’s inspired grooming and clothes, a look that is now incredibly en-vogue.So, we were sitting in the big Warner’s boardroom talking about the 3rd album, and there were songs on a list, and as Mark said we are an album act, and so there can be a theme running throughout the album, which I think works really strongly for us – and at the end of the day, they are just banging songs from really famous films and a couple that aren’t – which we just shoehorned in. I have my little rucksack in the studio, we’re going back to record, and in there is my tracksuit bottoms and my Nike trainers, but we’re respectful to the music we make.Please select your role in relation to this artist, add a few words of explanation to help us verify your request, and then click the 'Submit' button.Please note: requests should only be made by those officially affiliated to The Overtones.It requires us to dress up smart and we love that – putting on a show.There’s a moment that’s happening for men in fashion and we celebrate that and indirectly we’re part of that – it’s lovely. On a Friday night – go down Old Compton Street or any of these trendy streets in London and you’ll see all the gents so slick now! If you see someone you like, you need to ask them out for a drink!They returned to work with their debut album’s producer Nick Southwood as well as Graham Archer and Julian Hinton.The Overtones, having sold well over a half a million records in the UK alone, have survived the downfall of ‘Concept’ albums.We’re on the same label as Kylie and Cher and Tinie Tempah if we’re feeling a little bit R&B…So it appears that the lads aren’t just interested in doo-wop and barbershop, they’re well versed in the world of Gaga et al.


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