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The first being The Ship And Whale in Gulliver Street in Rotherhithe.

It was a traditional pub with a pool room, disco room and an outside bar and garden.

The pubs in Kent were closed by 2230 but the Bull and Pump known by most as the Pull and Dump was just getting going with the cabaret for the evening.

I seem to remember that Toni Sinclair was a fairly regular Sunday night artist.

Hi my name is Stephen and I stumbled upon your web site by chance having trying to find some information on Mrs Shufflewick whom I used to see regularly at the Black Cap and Vauxhall.

I was around the gay scene in London in my early twenties and can remember much of it.At 0200hrs when the place closed there was some serious cruising in the car park next door and an old dis-used warehouse behind the car park.My first date with my now partner of 26years was at this venue so it still holds special memories."Traffic" just of York Way in Kings Cross was another great but fairly short lived basement nightclub that was good for a cruisey Saturday night it was under some shops if I remember rightly.It must have been the first club in London to be smoke free, a small outside courtyard area to the rear was for Smoking. Just wanted to share my memories of a few places that do not seem to have been mentioned. This used to be a great small bar that had a slightly seedy atmosphere.At the time, about 1981, I lived in Kent and when The Ship Inn in Rochester closed on a Friday evening at 2300 a whole convoy of cars made their way up the A2.The DJ Lewisham Lil seemed elderly to me at the time but still filled the dance floor.Eventually we were informed that we would not be able to stay open unless we had a licence, at that time Dame Porter was head of Westminster Council and she refused us a licence, the shop was closed but reopened temporarily as a venue with dance booths, customers could view naked boys dancing for £5.00...............Thanks for so many memories, there are a few regular bars that I used that have not been remembered here.This was the first big gay club I went to and the first time I ever saw Divine live was here. Cheap drinks,big dancefloor,great crowd fantastic lights and the iconic DJ of the time Norman Scott. Does anyone else remember it or was a regular there?I spent countless Friday and Saturday nights here drinking and dancing to Dead Or Alive, Hazell Dean, Miquel Brown, Evelyn Thomas, Sinitta.list is endless. Sadly, the same premises eventually became the Subway club, but my happiest memories of the late 70s was ADAMS - as well as the occasional trip to Scandals next to the Swiss Centre and SPATS in Oxford Street.


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