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Teeming orangey-red blotches began staring at me, demanding, imploring, threatening.

Its transience as sound is matched only by the unreality of the sounds themselves—uncanny, haunting announcements that whatever cetaceans are saying to each other will probably always exceed our attempts at understanding, consumption, capture.

Is it this lack of objectivity that placed whale recordings at the heart of two such important artifacts of human history, the 1972 LP Songs of the Humpback Whale, the largest pressing of any recorded album in history, and the Voyager Golden Record, currently traversing interstellar space in hopes of reaching an alien intelligence?

But that uncertainty—and the fact that the word brings with it so much (no pun intended)—became part of the book: how luggage is about language and how it is a figure for concepts like secrecy, ownership, and displacement.

—Susan Harlan, Luggage Whale song is about as far away from an object as you can get.

In between its proteins I promise to situate fat—whisk in whisk in whisk in the butter slowly. In between the cracks of shell, an egg-tooth promises escape.

I can’t promise much to this new situation except to keep my eye on the break, to blink into being this nuclear baby bird new.We can point to an object only because we perceive it as separate from other things, apart not only from other things in the object-world but also living beings. As an object, glass showcases other objects and often allows us to see them with more perspicuity. Think of the camera lens, the microscope, or eyeglasses.But, crucially, glass also turns people into objects.Even when that’s not the case, though, an object’s meaning is delineated by how we interact with it.The word object comes from the Latin meaning to oppose or to put in the way of.—Matthew Battles, Tree Because a tumor is the object that is us, I was forced to ponder relationships between self and object.In the case of a tumor, an individual and an object are made of the same stuff.The word luggage refers to so many different things (suitcases, trunks, backpacks, etc.), but it also refers to the contents of these things, and that could be anything.So as I wrote, I found that I was really interested in the idea of luggage because what my object is, materially speaking, became less and less clear.Rust once integrated to my regular blood-rhythms, the wonderful irritability of the object redeemed the restless world.—Jean-Michel Rabaté, Rust In writing Silence, I did not anticipate that readers would object to my premise that silence is an object.


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