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The aim of these classes is to help minimize the trauma of divorce and help ease the children's transition.

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Child Custody in North Carolina: Joint or sole child custody is determined according to the interests and welfare of the child.

There No preference will be given to one parent over the other.

Joint custody will be considered upon the request of either parent.

The court may also grant exclusive custody to one parent.

In these instances, the court shall consider the following: Child support worksheets are also provided.

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Child support payments may be required to be paid through the clerk of the court.QDRO Specialists - Qdro Desk™ is the result of 45 years of combined QDRO experience.Providing online QDRO document preparation, the service allows you to prepare your own paperwork with the appropriate settlement agreement language so you can properly divide a retirement account in your divorce.Divorce Groups - Look up local support services such as Divorce Care meetings, groups for divorcing adults, assistance for intimate abuse victims, and support for children dealing with their parent's divorce.If you are planning on a legal separation in North Carolina, there are state laws that apply to your situation.This is the minimum period North Carolina will allow between a marital separation and a final decree of divorce.If you can't resolve property division and other issues, you request a hearing on the matter.Income withholding may be used if child support payments become delinquent.Child support obligations may be required to be secured by a bond or mortgage.However, premarital and marital property settlement agreements are specifically recognized as valid.The payment or non-payment of alimony may be the subject of a marital settlement agreement.


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