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Meanwhile, Gold is still in shock after catching Ashton and Gilmore together, Hunter is forced to pimp his wife as way of getting Ron Gregory off his back, Webb is caught snogging a bridesmaid by Cryer, and Klein is caught snorting cocaine in the station toilets by Carver.

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Series 19 of British television drama The Bill was broadcast from 1 January until 31 December 2003.

The series consisted of 106 episodes, being the longest series broadcast during the show's final decade, and also included the show's first live broadcast, "Fatal Consequences".

This series built upon the serialized format previously introduced by new producer Paul Marquess in Series 18, and also saw the introduction of several new members into the cast following the departure of many long-standing cast members in Series 18.

This series saw the show celebrate its 20th Anniversary on air with both a live episode and an episode featuring one of the show's most ambitious stunts to date, where PC Des Taviner is supposedly killed in an explosion in a Gas Tower, after being exposed as the culprit of the Sun Hill fire, which claimed the lives of six officers, back in April 2002.

When she fails to meet Lennox for a drink, Lennox suspects she may be in danger. Kerry's wedding plans backfire when the venue falls through for her reception, and as Gold heads to tell Luke, she catches him in bed with Gilmore.

Lennox attempts to find a missing Nixon, but he and Taviner instead find evidence relating to Rickman's murder, and also discover Nixon's phone dumped nearby.

Will the press, the police and the community be ready for what he has to say?

As the media interest in his drugs policy continues to attract unwanted attention, Fitzwilliam pressures Okaro to toe the line.

As he, Webb and Mc Allister set up a sting operation to catch those involved, Webb is forced to prevent Hunter from attacking one of the suspects with a baseball bat.

His day goes from bad to worse when Meadows and Okaro decide to use him as bait to trap Ron Gregory.


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