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But that wasn't their only encounter with New Zealand's moral standards. For holding hands and one little kiss we were called out 'to be on our honeymoon or what' by the owner with a pushing undertone," they say."Third incident while we were sitting in our parked car kissing, again not eating each other or anything.In 2012 - 2013, I was caught up in my chaotic single dating life and, thus, what came out was rather incoherent.

Heck, it had taken me so long to figure out, surely the least I could do was convey my hard-won knowledge, while at my parent's house listening to my brother watch Choice TV downstairs and my mother cook fillet steak on a quiet evening.

Dating comes in many stages in Wellington - and it is important before anything else to accept where you are at.

Their question was posted on Reddit, and asked why Kiwis are against kissing and hand-holding in public. Is it because a strong religious background or are the people here just konservative?

[sic]" they ask, after several humiliating incidents.

Once I took charge of Wellington dating, I ended up meeting my boyfriend Matt on my first ever Tinder date. Or maybe a result of some damn hard work and missteps along the way.

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And, I'm hoping - without making your all vomit a little bit into your mouths - that we're living happily ever after from here on in.This guy came up and walked past our car, then he screamed 'get a room!'" Kiwis have attempted to explain our culture, saying we regard sex as a "private matter".But some Kiwis called New Zealand out for being too emotional about the issue."Just start dry humping each other next time," one person advised.I'd been single for 2.5 years after my first dire relationship with a guy who I thought would be a good partner me because we shared similar taste in music. The main thing I struggled with in my earlier twenties was I thought I was a 'cool girl' (which equally applies to guys, actually).In actual fact, dating him was like trying to make a cake with just flour and milk. It was suddenly apparent to me that despite my denial, I was very lonely. Really, I was just an undercover dreamer who wanted to find cheesy no-one-puts-baby-in-the-corner romance as much as the rest of them.I feel its important." MATT: "Yeeah, *hic* no worries").When I had my previous iteration of 'The Residents', I may have been guilty of writing a not-very-good post or two about this topic.Then a lifeguard came over and told them "in a rude way" to stop or leave because of the children."Yes there were children in the pool next to us but we were in the spa area in a hotpool," they complain.


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