Ms money not updating prices

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Just pick a stock and update its price in the following window.I had to dig around to find a way to update currency rates.

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And if you want a free desktop finance software with double-entry accounting, there is the open-source Gnu Cash, though it certainly lacks some polish.

But wait, why didn’t they just do their own online version?

Ditched by Money, but Quicken Wants You I suppose that this means Intuit wins the desktop personal finance software war.

Indeed, it looks like Microsoft has really given up, as their last step is to make it easy for users to move to Quicken.

We’re working closely with Microsoft to develop an easy way for Money users to transfer data into Quicken desktop products.

We’re assessing how we can make this capability a reality in conjunction with the release of Quicken 2010 in the fall.

Fortunately, I own just around 10 securities and updating security prices manually once every month or so would be tedious but not too onerous.

Currency rates can also be manually updated in Microsoft Money.

However, if you have holdings in accounts that do not provide transaction download, the prices for those holdings are still not updated.

With the help of a book from the library, Learning Python, and a lot of Googling, I came up with a new script that gets the quotes from Yahoo!


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