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The view of the thatched roof is the most impressive from the dining room, 9 feet above you see the beams and reeds, really beautiful! Particularly beautiful holiday ZEBRA `S NEST ***** to the Kruger Park in Marloth Park. That is what our guests, they are invariably surprised to Zebra's Nest in real life.(The house is constantly monitored by the local security) You are indeed in a country where many people living in extreme poverty. Warthogs are usually very sweet, until they are gone. When it gets dark, Marloth Park is the realm of wild animals. Het is of course perfectly safe to walk around the house, the fire and the braai place to sit or in the evening in the beautifully lit pool to swim. In Zebras are two golf courses, including the famous Leopard Creek, where major international competitions.

It is safe in Marloth Park, although sometimes that happens everywhere. Yes, but always look forward, because they are unpredictable.

The living room has a television with DVD player and Nintendo console.

There are many films available for children and adults. Television reception is only possible if the satellite is connected.

Of course we also have a nice barbecue area, braai as part of South Africa.

Put chairs around the fireplace and be surprised by the visit of zebra, impala, kudu and giraffe.


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