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There are a small number of expats living in Moldova, most of whom can be found in the country’s capital, Chisinau.The expat population of Moldova is made up of those employed by NGOs, embassies and a small number of international companies, as well as their trailing spouses.

Unemployment within the country is also high, so expats should only plan on moving to Moldova once they have secured a job.

Expats living in Moldova find the cost of living is low, especially if choosing to shop locally.

We had a civil ceremony in Moldova in April 2002 and in June she came to England.

It was OK at first but as time went on I can only describe it as living with another man.

I Started going about five times a year and slowly it became my home from home.

My circle of friends grew and grew over this year until I had more friends in Moldova than the U. Now you can see why I say just go out and experience this country, all you have to do is show respect for your hosts and on the whole they will look after you very well indeed.During this time I did become friends with a woman, we went on our first date after one year and now are very happy and married. Well there's not much more I can say about myself, and I'm sure you've had enough of my rambling on by now.I hope if you come to Moldova you find the same things I did and please remember I am available for any assistance you may need for your journey .Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, with poverty especially evident in the rural areas.Expats often feel guilty indulging in hearty meals at Chisinau’s great restaurants or visiting Moldova’s fine wineries, while some of their Moldovan friends and colleagues are struggling to make ends meet.Safety is not too much of an issue for expats living in Moldova.The most common crimes committed against foreigners are petty theft and ATM fraud.The official language of Moldova is Romanian, but Russian is also widely spoken.Expats who have a basic grasp of either of these will find it much easier to settle into life in Moldova.I hope you enjoyed my small story about my Modovan experiences.Moldova, a small land-locked country in Eastern Europe, may not be anyone's first choice of destination for an overseas posting, but it does offer adventurous expats an opportunity to experience life in an untouched part of the world.


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