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Fueled by a larger-than-life personality, Holmes is the powerhouse behind a media empire that encompasses several award-winning television series, syndicated newspaper columns, bestselling books, DVDs, magazines, and his own line of personal protective equipment manufactured by 3M.Dubbed “Canada’s most trusted contractor,” his reputation for quality, integrity and honesty have international appeal.Her parents are divorced, and as of now, her father is in a relationship with Anna Zappia.

Michael James Holmes is a famous Canadian TV personality and professional residential home improvement contractor.Growing tired of not having his own space, Mike took it upon himself to “renovate” his closet into a bedroom – one of his earliest building projects.Mike's father allowed him to keep the makeshift room for about a year before making him restore the closet back to its previous state.Holmes announced her engagement via Instagram flaunting her engagement ring with caption, Apart from this, she was previously rumored to be dating Damon Bennett. Sherry Holmes, 25, currently might have an estimated net worth of thousand dollars considering her work.However, the exact amount is not yet made official.His reno-reality shows, Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection, and his latest endeavor Holmes Makes It Right, air in multiple countries around the world, built upon the premise of Mike’s “Make it Right” credo.Michael James Holmes was born in Canada on August 3, 1963.Holmes has written two books: “Home Renovation with Canada’s Most Trusted Contractor” and “Holmes Inspection.” Thanks to his fame, Mike is acknowledged as an extraordinary craftsperson and an accomplished master builder.His reality shows “Holmes Inspection,” “Holmes on Homes,” and his latest endeavor “Holmes Makes It Right” air in multiple countries around the world. He was named the second most widely trusted person in Canada by Reader’s Digest in 2010.As he grew older, however, Mike's potential as a master craftsman became evident to all around him.At the age of six, the young prodigy helped to rewire the second floor of his family’s home, as well as using Jim's entire supply of lumber and nails to build a three room tree fort in the front yard.


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