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Each ant is a simple creature with simple rules governing its behavior, yet the colony as a whole performs complex tasks—a lesson Mc Lurkin has adapted to develop a swarm of disposable robots for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. PBS air date: January 25, 2005 Now I want you to meet somebody who is...well, he is what he is. pants, and the plaid shirts, the big 'fro, kind of was... Now the goal became "let's get to the first date," and then you get down to the key, which is "I might be interested in them. " "Worm-loving" did not appear on his flow chart, but they clicked.

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He then breaks down each bot into its parts - radio, camera, and IR inter-robot communications. Having covered distributed algorithms, he asks for four women and four men to come forward and warns them "not to kick the robots." Facing the audience, each person holds up a card with a number. He explained how this was an example of a distributed algorithm. As he got older radio control cars from the hobby store taught him more about mobility and how, he adds, to avoid heavy, ankle-damaging radio control cars.

The equipment is used for activities like "directed dispersion," a maneuver useful for finding hidden objects. He asks them pair up and to average their numbers, seek out another partner and re-average. One person asks how, if the ants find through scent, do robots do similar things? How to take implicit cues from the environment is something he wants to explore later in his career, he adds. He details his undergraduate and graduate work quickly and then proceeds to his second robotic demonstration, which he dubs the "Martian band." The group begins to slowly beeping and chiming, syncopated at first, and then later, in time.

His work's been exhibited at the Smithsonian, and that's just for starters. But each of these robots can only play part of the song, only part. And now they are gathering in groups: Part A robots and Part B robots, and here we go.

He teaches high school students, he's got the girlfriend. Or he thinks that—I don't know what it is—he knows better. They will start signaling each other, and without any further direction from him, they should spontaneously perform the theme song from .

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One of the biggest problems, he says, is figuring out how the group can define boundaries so that they remain coherent.

Each robot is sharing information with infrared transmitters so that they can stay together.

Discussing Honey Bees he calls it "Beeware." Other insect software can be derived from ant scent trails used during foraging.

The "magic of complexity" arises from local interactions, which develop into complex group behaviors.


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