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If a customer wishes to chat with a girl he sees in the bar he can either call her over himself or ask one of the many waiters, waitresses or business-suit wearing mamasans to do so for him.If a dancer agrees to leave with a customer, payment of the barfines need to be discussed directly with a mamasan.

Cotton Club seems to have the most women of any of the bars which makes sense since it’s also probably the largest. Due to the single owner prices are uniform throughout the bars of EDSA Complex.

For those who like to get right down to business without being hassled it may be a blessing.

The EDSA Complex and all of the bars it contains share a common owner.

Women working EDSA who want to bring in a little more money may ask for a “special” lady drink which costs 385 Pesos, though generally the gals are not pushy at all.

Barfines which allow a lady to go home with a customer if they both agree cost 1950 Pesos ( US dollars).


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