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Get a Move On 1st Annual Symposium, London, May 2017. Changes in cognitive workload of pediatric nurses during implementation of a vendor-built electronic health record. The variety of internet support groups for those affected by cancer. Health related virtual communities and electronic support groups: systematic review of the effects of online peer to peer interactions. What do cancer survivors want and need from a physical activity mobile app? Online cancer information: Where does Wikipedia fit in? Wikipedia Science Conference, Wellcome Trust, London, Sep 2015. - Presentation Colligan L, Potts HWW, Finn CT, Sinkin RA (2012). Presentation at ASM 2010: Innovation in a traditional world (Association for the Study of Medical Education Annual Scientific Meeting), Cambridge, Jul 2010. Public responses to swine flu communications in the UK.

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Healthcare Systems, Ergonomics and Patient Safety Conference (HEPS), Ovideo, Spain, Jun 2011. The hidden medical school: How social networks relate to learning.

) My online review of the Steve Howe Trio in May 2007 was used in promotion for their June 2008 tour. Prospective hazard analysis in healthcare: Does it matter which method is used?

999 EMS Research Forum 2018, Stirling, UK, Mar 2018.

Live in San Francisco (The Roar of P4), Discipline Global Mobile (King Crimson Collectors' Club), CLUB7, London. Implementation of electronic patient clinical records in ambulances in the UK: A national survey.

- Presentation Rubin GJ, Amlt R, Page L, Potts H, Michie S, Wessely S (2010).

Public responses to swine flu communications: A longitudinal analysis.

Online support for continuing learning: A Moodle resource for expert diabetic patients.

UCL's Teaching & Learning Conference and Exhibition (TILT), London, Apr 2008.

International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA) 16th Meeting, Victoria, Canada, Jun 2017. Roberts A, Potts H, Smith L, Heinrich M, Fisher A (2017). Cancer Research UKs Wikipedian in Residence project reflections and outcomes. Invited workshop at Researching Medical Education Conference (Association for the Study of Medical Education/Researching learning for Clinical Practice network), London, Nov 2013. Invited talk at Health Tech NHS IT Strategy Forum, Warwick, Oct 2012. Invited talk at University Health & Medical Librarians Group Spring Forum, Royal Society of Medicine, Mar 2012.

Digital health behaviour change interventions in cancer survivors: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Invited workshop at 2Ti ME: 2nd Trainees in Medical Education Conference, UCL, Oct 2012. Going forwards: Realising the potential of m-health innovation. 5th ESRC Research Methods Festival, Oxford, Jul 2012. Going forwards: Realising the potential of m-health innovation.


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