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The candidates are all worthy candidates who will work hard for our community. TEAM OHEL’s youngest rider, 12-year-old Michael Co- hen, is a sixth grader at the North Shore Hebrew Academy in Great Neck, and a member of Great Neck Synagogue.

This week, we asked each candidate to share their views and tell you more about themselves. His Bar Mitzvah is October 19th and he has raised money in honor of his upcoming celebration.

But my second has an irregular schedule, so we stopped nursing after a few weeks.” Let us make no mistake.

The fuss over nursing in public harms mothers and babies.

Scores were tabulated and prizes were awarded to many of YKLI’s Einstein worthy stu- dents: Congratulations go to all the YKLI Scientists participating in this year’s dynamic Science Fair event!

Verbal explanations demon- strating thorough knowledge of their topic, and an ability to think about and answer questions posed by the judges were carefully reviewed. You can say that nobody’s forcing anyone to watch, but face it, the baby’s the draw.It disturbs me to see nursing associated with “hitting someone over the head” or causing suffering. The Science Fair lasted all after- noon as relatives, staff members, and students toured to admire the projects and to applaud each and every one of YKLI›s “Westinghouse Wannabe Winners.” Each boy was carefully “graded” on a scale from 1-30 by a panel of three to five judges. The younger Science Fair at- tendees (grades 1-5) learned a lot of sci- ence and also about future expectations and Science topics from this year’s high caliber presentations.This week, Andrea regales us with a personal story of her own and tells us of her journey from stage singer to Orthodox mother. “It is fitting that we recog- nize the importance of the role of laughter in medicine and the role it plays in the healing process,” said Noah Gordon, Director of Development for Lev Leytzan. In concert with medical personnel, our therapeutic clowns en- gage the medically ill and residents at hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers and private homes both in the US and abroad.I was inspired by her search for the substantial in a world that is filled with sparkly, ethereal delights. “After Sunday’s program, more people may understand why.” About Lev Leytzan™ - Lev Leytzan, a 501 © (3) non-profit, headquartered in Lawrence, New York. Our directed play not only lifts the spirits of the sick, it has been shown to have an impact on their healing pro- cess as well.Opinions expressed by writers are not neces sarily the opinions of the publisher or editor. Every person, regardless of their affiliation, knows about Chanukah and about Pesach. (Our) pa- tients’ faces lit up when they realized what was happening.” Fox continued, “Bright happy faces, colorful costumes, red clown noses, smiley face balls and impromptu songfests, what a treat!The Jewish Home is not responsible for typographical errors, or for the kashrus of any product or business advertised within. They are familiar with the menorahs and latkes and matzoh brei. On behalf of our patients, thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what you do! Their winning standings are as follows: Rafi Levin Shocking Science – First Place Bentzi Steele Why You Do the Things You Do First Place Eitan Carroll Jumping Genes – Second Place Avi Greenberg Turf vs. The following 7th graders repre- sented YKLI at the Inter-Yeshiva Sci- ence Fair Competition which took place at HALB.


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    When I visited the yeshiva at. Other factors that impact how much fun one has at the. of running in the other direction. I don't want young Jewish boys.…

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    Now suddenly in an address about tznius to the Yeshiva he was saying that women and girls need to be. to Lakewwod and places like. we still are dating.…

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