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Overwhelmed, Felicia shoots and kills him and watches as Sarah and Derek leave.Glau had not seen the Terminator films prior to being cast as Cameron Phillips, whose role in the series was initially kept concealed but was later revealed to be a Terminator sent from the future to protect John.

Carter hires various human military personnel, who are unaware of what he truly is, to assist him in his assignment.

Once his mission is completed, Carter kills his humans, secures the storage area, and shuts himself down to await further orders.

Cameron tells Sarah that Carter's on Stand-By until his next objective or is triggered awake.

Cameron eventually enters the storage area to rescue John and steal the coltan, battles Carter and locks the Terminator inside.

Barbara Chamberlain was the city manager of Los Angeles, whose project would have become a part of Skynet's future infrastructure.

She was killed by Vick Chamberlain, a T-888 posing as her husband.

After the operation, Derek Reese enters the room, and thinking him to be Sarah's abusive boyfriend, Felicia pulls a gun on Derek.

During the stand-off, Felicia's own abusive husband steps in and coarsely orders Felicia to stand down.

Vick Chamberlain, portrayed by Matt Mc Colm, is a T-888 Terminator sent back in time to help create a traffic surveillance network that Skynet hopes to use in the future.

An advanced infiltrator, Vick poses as the husband of city manager Barbara Chamberlain, murders one of her political enemies, and adapts his mission to attack a group of Resistance fighters, including Derek Reese, when he finds one of them spying on her.


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