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He has run every day and has even, in December of 1971, run every hour of one day.

He has run every day and has even, in December of 1971, run every hour of one day.

"On May 25, 1969 I got off crutches after a very painful bout of shin splints," says Sutherland.

“I was in pain for nine months after that,” says Sutherland, “but I never stopped.”He has squeezed in p.m. He has yet to be derailed by weather, although he vividly remembers an ice storm in Atlanta where "trees and telephone poles were falling due to the weight of the ice." Late nights covering bands never stopped him (“I won a 10K the morning after a David Bowie concert”) nor has Southern California’s notorious traffic. “I had a local CBS station follow me around for four days, and they talked to a psychologist and tried to prove I was crazy. Thursday is day number 17,546 and Friday, after a swig of Dr. For decades, he has had a runner drafting off him: Jim Pearson of Marysville, Washington, whose own streak began on February 16, 1970.

“I always carry a running kit in my car,” says Sutherland, a “head-to-toe” Nike guy, “so that if I have to pull over, park and get in a run, I will.” He knows what you’re wondering. It’s as simple as this: I always wanted to have fun. How many people can say they’ve run with Steve Prefontaine and been dogpiled by Metallica? Pearson is 246 days behind Sutherland, but he is also 73, and Sutherland shows no signs of relinquishing the lead.

Like a scene out of in these slideshows Running has long set Sutherland apart from most of the human race, and for that he has zero regrets.

During his final two undergrad years at Cal-State Northridge, where Sutherland was a philosophy major, he wrote a paper titled “Is It Okay to Dedicate Your Life to Running If You’re Not Any Good?


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