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At some point, he also improvised napalm, as well as thermite, a substance which burns so hot that water can't extinguish the blaze.Holmes' purchases were split between two planned attacks, prosecutors said — the theater shooting and a booby trapped apartment that would've blown up if anyone had entered.The profile also has the same tagline from James' profile -- "Will you visit me in prison?

Holmes' lawyers could have waived the first public airing of the case against him, but legal analysts say they may see the mini-trial as a chance to gauge the prosecution's case or tactics to prepare for a possible plea agreement.

Holmes last accessed the sites two days before the July 20 shooting, detective Tom Welton testified.

As prosecutors lay out their case, Holmes' lawyers have been asking questions throughout the hearing that suggest a mental health defense.

The attempt at a distraction speaks to a plan to escape but the traps weren't triggered.

Holmes, clad from head to toe in body armor, was found standing by his car outside the theater.


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