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Ryan gets home from work and hangs his trench coat on the hook. He texts Christina: “thx for the farewell gifts hon.” Christina texts back: “sorry i didn’t go all out like usual. Jada throws her hands in the air and mutters to herself as she leaves the room.“We’re just protecting you, mother bird,” Jaden coos after her., don’t you think?

it’s an emergency.”Ryan Reynolds gets a L’Oréal sponsorship after Blake Lively does. He doesn’t even need to look at the note to know who it’s from. Willow whispers, “If you can find something true and concrete in it, then it will certainly be worth it.”“Just do us a favor and don’t let yourself get caught up in the machine,” Jaden says. You could play my mom, it would be incredible.”Sarah narrows her eyes.

Cee Lo enters his dressing room to find two live flamingos, one hundred orchids, and an actual mini-waterfall installation. ” Jada asks.“I mean, sure, though it’s sort of a pedestrian career move, just doing a role on a television show,” Jaden says. ”“You just know they have an ‘Upton in 3D’ waiting in the wings.”“Oh, babe, they did that last year, I think.”All three women laugh nervously in unison for a few seconds too long., seriously, I worship it so hard.”“Oh, that’s so sweet,” Sarah says, looking over her shoulder. ”“Oh, well, I’m taking a little break from movies.”“We could do a real Oscar-bait family drama film!

Ryan shouts after her: “Does this mean we can't watch more . Willow looks up from her abacus; Jaden puts down his ruby-encrusted tambourine.“Are you guys proud of me?

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“ Luckily I do all of my own home improvement and renovations,” says the 41-year-old married father of one.

“ It’s charming because you don’t know what he’s going to do.” His current offscreen leading lady, Jennifer Garner, told PEOPLE in 2002, after the pair filmed together: “ He’s your basic tall, dark and handsome. “It’s charming because you don’t know what he’s going to do.” His current offscreen leading lady, Jennifer Garner, told PEOPLE in 2002, after the pair filmed in which he was brutally flogged, kicked and tortured on the road to crucifixion.

“ Everyone was thinking it was going to be a bust. " class="lazy Owl owl-lazy" data-action="gallery-slide-image" “ Being back onstage reminded me why I became an actor,” says Smits.

Sadly, the actors' romance fell apart, and Brody's now married to Leighton Meester, while Bilson's expecting a baby with Hayden Christensen. Bilson's baby shower was a major throwback to her O. days — but to her time with college boyfriend Che, not her one true love, Seth.

According to Us Weekly, the Hart of Dixie star celebrated her upcoming motherhood on Aug. knowledge is rusty, Che was the weed-smoking, nude-dancing activist (memorably played by Chris Pratt) who lived near Summer in her dorm at Brown, and who was the driving force behind her breakup with Seth during her freshman year at school. fans remember, Summer and Che ended when he found his soulmate in his environmentalist jail cellmate after trying to steal a groundhog (it's a long story), and she ended back up with Seth.


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